If you are new to the do-it-yourself world of construction home maintenance repair ladies, don’t worry if you don’t know where to start.

There are umpteen ladies tools online for the newbie to home maintenance, but where do you start looking.

Do you intend to take on the larger routine tasks, and also the repair jobs when they rear their ugly heads? If so, there are ladies tools online that hold at least one of the basic tools needed for home maintenance, namely screw drivers, wrenches, hammers etc, not to mention pliers, a knife, work gloves, saws and flashlights.

Or perhaps you are already a dab hand at indoor and outdoor maintenance, and have decided to take on…the gardening.

Ladies tool sets specifically designed for garden maintenance contain all of the basic tools required to enable you to turn your garden from wasteland to house and home magazine’s ‘garden of the month’.

A typical starter garden tool set will include a small fork, trowel and spade, a ‘dibber’ for making those holes in the ground to put plants into, a pair of secateurs for cutting back those hideous brambles that have grown for years out of control, and a hose for watering said new plants.

If electrical repairs, anything from changing a fuse to re-wiring a house are jobs you are considering, starter ladies tools online for budding electricians are just the job.

Most of these sets will contain wire strippers (easy girls, not that sort of stripper) for exposing electrical cable for connection to power points or plugs, scissors and pliers, bit wide and pointed end varieties, and a host of small spammers and screw drivers specifically made for small electrical appliance and junction box/socket screws etc.

But if you are going to take on electrical work, always seek professional help and advice, or failing that, why not attend adult learning classes where you can earn a certificate of competency.

I stress here, working with electricity, as with many things in the home construction repair and maintenance field can be deadly when not taken seriously.

Always work carefully, and safely. Anything you are not sure of, or have not dealt with before seek professional help. If you believe a job is too big, chances are you are correct in your thinking. But everyone has to start somewhere.

Remember, no one ever climbed a mountain without going upwards; learning about home improvement and construction repairs and maintenance is a journey.

And every journey, no matter how long, always starts off with a step.